MSCCA Virtual Conference By The Sea

September 24 – 27th, 2020 Online

We are really excited to share this new format with you and would love to hear feedback or any questions you have. We have provided some resources for you to help make this transition smooth and mostly importantly, fun!

Presenter Resources

Exhibitor Resources

Presenters & Exhibitors

We are looking forward to having you on our Virtual Event Team! Below are some important resources you will need to deliver your content successfully. A Drop Box storage area has been set up by CEI for your use to upload content for CEI and Treebranch Group.

Have a Question?

Please visit our Q & A section on this page, we may already have a quick answer. If not contact us at 

In addition, we will be sending out emails from our platform cVent and Constant Contact. Be aware, if there are emails you decide not to open from us or you work for an organization that sets there security to high for email, the email may get removed or placed in Bulk, Spam, or Other. We will also be communicating through social media, mainly on Facebook and more recently LinkedIn. Please like and follow these pages so you can stay in the loop and support our organization.

Technical Support

At anytime before or during the conference you can send an email to 

Helpful Resources for Set Up & Delivery

Being Prepared

This presentation will go over some tips on how to be certain you are prepared for your Live or recorded presentation from your home or office. Max from CEI will be scheduling a test for your equipment well before the event. This is a critical appointment to assure your success.

10 Quick Steps for Great Presentations

A quick guide with important pointers on how to make you presentation engaging and professional.

Presenter Resources

MSCCA is hosting 2 Presenter Orientations. If you were unable to attend or would like to review the content download the PDF version of the slides or view the recorded session. We are excited to have you on our training team!


Contact: CEI

Please provide any supporting materials, original PowerPoint presentations, or special instructions.  Please contact Max to schedule your orientation please reach out to

Exhibitor Manager - Barry Benesch

Email: – 443-878-3988
Approves all Content Submitted
Communications Contact for Exhibitor Questions Prior to the Event
Liaison for Exhibitors During the Event

Days Until the Event








Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitors have an exciting opportunity this year to have their content distributed online during the event. Please understand that in order to start advertising your business we will need to have artwork, video, and text in early August.


Contact: Treebranch Group

Please contact Treebranch Group for providing presenter content or

30 sec video

2-5 minute promo video

company logo

Exhibitor Form

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Live Stream Event Management, Presenter Self Recordings

Corporate Events Inc.


  • Management of Live stream sessions
  • Coordination & delivery of Presenter’s content for Live production & self recording
  • Technical testing for Presenters
  • Crowd Compass integration with Sessions, video, and Gamification
  • Exhibitor virtual rooms

Exhibitors & In Studio Recordings

 Treebranch Group 443-761-7405

Email: &

  • Studio recording in-person upon request, based on availability
  • Spanish translation services
  • Exhibitor interviews prior to event
  • Graphic design & coordination – direction
  • Virtual website design
  • Event Registration
  • Social media promotions and marketing

Presenters Q & A

Q: How do you make sure it is in 16 by 9 when developing the presentation?

A: To set the slides to 16:9 you go to the “Design” label in the menu. There you will see “slides” and you will select 16:9

Q: Will we get this presentation?

A: At this time CEI may not be recording all presentation sessions. Please let us know if you would like your session recorded, we will make our best effort to do so.

Q: TO clarify – you want assessments and answer keys? So we need to develop an assessment for the presentation, correct?

60 minutes + 30 minutes for engagement? (not 60 minutes including 30 minutes for engagement)?

A: Clarification that the 60 content and 30 for Q&A is applicable for BO presenters only. No more than 5 questions for the assessment, 3 are more optimum.

Q: Will the instructions for participants that will be available when the attendees log in, be in Spanish also?

A: We plan on having important documents translated into Spanish

 Q: Should we put the promo video in Dropbox?

A: All content, including promo videos get uploaded to dropbox. Please see button above for presenter and exhibitor submissions

Q: Please explain the pros and cons between Live and Pre Recorded, including if and how Pre recording will be facilitated by MSCCA.

A: Pre recorded will allow for editing and if you are camera shy. Some people are better Live and some would rather record themselves. The pre-recorded would either be you recording yourself or you can arrange an in studio recording with Treebranch Group. There are limited time slots at Treebranch Group’s studio. Contact to arrange or ask questions for in studio recording. All other questions about running your own recording or doing your presentation live should be directed to

Q: How do we know they are not walking away… do we have them check in randomly?

A: We have put a plan in place to timestamp and make sure people are in front of the computer.

Q: Can those assisting presenters be the ones who remind participants to check in with the chat box at the beginning and another check at the end?

A: Yes, this should not be a problem

We would like presenters to embed participation throughout the presentation to ensure that they are present and engaged the whole time.

Recommended browser(s)?

A: Google Chrome is a safe bet

Q: So it sounds like it would be helpful to have presenters add a reminder slide at the beginning and end, and randomly throughout, to ensure presenters remember to do this .

A: Yes, you could do that

Q: How do co-presenters present together? Is it like zoom?

A: The presenter can click on the other hosts mic and video for them to talk. A demo can be done during your tech walk through

Q: For live presentations, Is the platform compatible with videos embedded into Powerpoint?

A: The tech walk through will cover this. There are certain scnarios where this may not work. The tech call with CEI is essential for planning.

Q: For live presentation, can the slides be full screen after an introduction from the presenter, and have the camera off during the presentation?

A: Yes this should not be a problem, however please bring this question up during your Tech call with CEI

Q: So the pre-record is just a power point presentation with the presenter speaking over it?

A: Yes it can be. You also could be standing and talking with supplemental documents provided.

Q: We are to go in and put our presenter info in?

A: Most of the presenter info is in the event site. However, you can go in and update or add images or files. Please contact for assistance

Q: When can we preview the profile details we entered about ourselves to verify the information, etc.?

A: Profile information is the same as what was placed on the registration site.

Q: Can we use different backgrounds?

A: At this time the background color is set within the webinar

Q: Can sessions with more than one presenter attend the technical assessment together?

A: Yes. Be sure that you are in the same location, using the same equipment that your using during the session

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