A Message From TJ Bennet,

Legislative Liaison/Program Developer, MSDE/DECD/Office of Child Care

I am astounded at the sheer number of child care providers who have jumped right into this fingerprinting project.  In fact, there are so many of you who have stepped forward that I am overwhelmed.  I am doing my best to answer all of the procedural related questions as soon as possible.  Please accept my apologies if I do not respond to your email immediately.

For those of you who are emailing to inquire about the status of your reimbursement request, I cannot apologize to you enough, but you will not get a response.  The work is divided among several of us and the time it takes to find out who has the packet and its status in the process is better spent processing the requests.

Please note that it takes 45-90 days for processing once we receive a correct reimbursement package. The Maryland Comptroller’s Office issues the payment and they have up to 30 days to process each request they receive There are also several levels of approval necessary within MSDE before a request can even get submitted to the Comptroller’s Office. Do not submit any documentation via email or fax. We are only accepting submissions via regular mail.

In the meantime, please visit the website. You may find the answer is already posted there. http://earlychildhood.marylandpublicschools.org/fingerprinting

Again, thank you so much for jumping right into this!

Here is some information you may find helpful (also available on our website)

1. A proper submission includes:

a. A properly completed W-9 that is signed (there must be only one – for a center this means one for your organization, for a family provider, this means one for the registered provider) (Visit the website for more detailed information on how to complete the W-9 correctly.)

b. Receipts that show the dollar amount paid to get printed and that are dated on or after September 21, 2017

c. The CJIS Tracking Number for each individual printed

d. The current invoice from our website (signed and dated) with the TOTAL amount you are requesting on page 1 of the invoice. You must complete all fields on the invoice. The name of the file is BILLING STATEMENT FOR FINGERPRINTING REIMBURSEMENT

e. A staff roster that indicates each person and the position they have within your business. If you are asking us for reimbursement, we need to know whom the people are and why we are paying for them. The invoice from the website has space for this information. You do not need to submit the staff roster if you supply the information on the invoice.

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