We Need Your Help To let the Governor know we support his signing important legislation in bills SB 379 and HB 430 that MSCCA testified in support of during session and met with Governor’s office to share our support for this important piece of legislation. We need MSCCA members to ACT and use this very simple template to send the Governor an email and let him know Child Care and child care Subsidy is important to families and impacts our businesses.

Please take 5 minutes to sign on and send your letter to advocate with MSCCA and our Partners MFN. You can make a difference!

Information from Maryland Family Network:

Landmark Child Care Subsidy Bill Passes General Assembly!

We Need Your Help TODAY

Please contact Governor Larry Hogan and ask him to sign the bill.



To contact the Governor, please follow this link to his website where you will be invited to fill out a brief form. Your correspondence topic is Education and you may cut and paste any or all of the sample letter below into the message field. Personalization of the message is appropriate, but don’t exceed the allotted length.



Dear Governor Hogan,

Thank you for supporting child care in the FY 2019 budget you released in January.  I commend you for eliminating the Child Care Subsidy Program wait list and for your promise of a modest subsidy rate increase.

I write now to urge you to take the next critical step for Maryland’s children, families, and child care providers.  Please sign SB 379/ HB 430 “Education – Child Care Subsidies – Mandatory Funding Levels.”  With an influx of new federal funds to cover the cost, this legislation will expand and ensure Marylanders’ access to safe, affordable, quality child care for years to come.

Your approval of this legislation will give working families who participate in the program the ability to afford 60% of the child care programs in their communities, up from the current 10%.  In terms of access to care, Maryland’s Child Care Subsidy Program has ranked at or very near the bottom of all 50 states.  This legislation will bring Maryland closer to achieving “equal access” for families receiving subsidies, as required by federal law.

Affordable, quality child care keeps parents earning and children learning.  And because it’s so critical to a productive workforce, child care bolsters Maryland businesses.  I urge you to sign this important legislation.



The Maryland General Assembly has enacted the most significant victory for early care and education in more than a decade and presented the bill to the Governor for his signature. After years of neglect, and with Maryland under increasing scrutiny from the federal government, “Education – Child Care Subsidies – Mandatory Funding Levels” (SB 379 / HB 430) will dramatically raise the State’s abysmally low child care subsidy rates. Low‐income working parents across Maryland will gain significant help in finding and paying for safe, quality child care. The legislation was spearheaded by Sen. Nancy King (Montgomery Co.) and Del. Adrienne Jones (Baltimore Co.), with critical support from Committee Chairs Sen. Ed Kasemeyer (Baltimore and Howard Cos.) and Del. Maggie McIntosh (Baltimore City).

Working families participating in the program (whose income eligibility is capped at $29,990 for a family of three) have been forced to choose among the cheapest 10% of child care options in their communities. Thanks to the subsidy rate increases required by this legislation, these families will soon gain access to up to 60% of child care programs near where they live or work. The rates will rise gradually in 2019, 2020, and 2021 to reach that level. While Maryland’s Child Care Subsidy Program has ranked at or very near the bottom of all 50 states, this landmark legislation will bring Maryland closer to achieving the “equal access” to care for families required by federal law. The last time child care subsidy rates were significantly increased in Maryland was in 2007.

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