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September 6, 2019

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ANNAPOLIS, MD –House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones today announced her new leadership team on the heels of her election as Speaker of the House of Delegates on May 1st. After spending over 100 hours meeting with delegates to evaluate the needs of the House moving forward, Speaker Jones makes the following appointments:

• Speaker Pro Tem: Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes
• Majority Leader: Delegate Eric Luedtke
• Vice Chair of Economic Matters: Delegate Kathleen Dumais
• Assistant Speaker Pro Tem: Delegate Bonnie Cullison
• Democratic Caucus Chair: Delegate Jazz Lewis
• Democratic Caucus Vice Chair: Delegate Courtney Watson
• Parliamentarian: Delegate Alonzo Washington
• Chief Deputy Majority Whips: Delegate Ben Brooks and Delegate Ben Barnes
• Chair of Joint Legislative Ethics Committee: Delegate Kathleen Dumais
• Chair of Joint Committee on Unemployment Insurance and ECM Unemployment Insurance Subcommittee: Delegate Ned Carey
• Chair, Joint Committee on Fair Practices: Delegate Erek Barron
• Chair of Joint Behavioral Health: Delegate Kirill Reznik
• Appropriations Capital Subcommittee: Delegate Tawanna Gaines, Chair/ Delegate Mark Chang, Vice Chair
• Appropriations Transportation & Environment Subcommittee: Delegate Marc Korman, Chair/ Delegate Carol Krimm, Vice Chair
• Appropriations Personnel Subcommittee: Delegate Pat Young, Chair
• Appropriations Education & Economic Development Subcommittee: Delegate Ben Barnes, Chair/ Delegate Shelly Hettleman, Vice Chair
• Appropriations Public Safety Subcommittee: Delegate Michael Jackson, Vice Chair
• Environment and Transportation Environment Subcommittee Chair: Delegate Dana Stein
• Environment and Transportation Natural Resources Subcommittee Chair: Delegate Jim Gilchrist
• Environment and Transportation Land Use & Ethics Subcommittee Chair: Delegate Brooke Lierman
• Co-Chairs, Commission on Economic Stability: Delegates Pam Queen & Mike McKay

“Today’s appointments to House leadership recognize the hard work and talent of our members and bring new leaders and new voices to the table,” said Speaker Jones. “I am confident that we have the right leadership in place to meet the challenges before us, including implementing the Kirwan recommendations, adding over $2 billion in school construction funding to counties statewide, and improving the lives of middle-class Marylanders.”

All other leadership positions remain in place.

In addition, the following changes to committee assignments were announced:

• Delegate Veronica Turner to ECM
• Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti to WM
• Delegate Shaneka Henson to APP
• Delegate Carl Anderton to E&T
• Delegate Ric Metzgar to APP
• Delegate Andrew Cassilly to WM
• Delegate Jen Terrasa to E&T
• Delegate Teresa Reilly to HGO
• Delegate Brooke Lierman to E&T
• Delegate Tony Bridges to APP

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