See below a request to assist our Partners at Maryland Family Network with important updates so parents can LOCATE your programs!  

Read below and take a few minutes to update. Your efforts are truly appreciated. 


Good Morning,
LOCATE: Child Care is currently working on a large-scale campaign to ask providers to update their information in the LOCATE database. This is the time of year we like to try to get records as up to date as possible for the summer rush we receive from families looking for summer care and the next school year. Below is the message which providers received via email (if they have an email on file with LOCATE). If you are able to also send something to your members or post something to facebook, we would be extremely appreciative.

Dear Provider:
Every day, parents contact LOCATE: Child Care in search of quality child care and they need comprehensive data to help them make informed decisions about the child care providers or centers they are considering for their children.
That’s where you come in. The more complete and current your record is, the better we can help you market your child care program to the parents who call LOCATE looking for new child care arrangements.
To review and update your LOCATE record, please sign onto our provider update.
Once you update your information it will be reviewed and active in our database within two business days.
Everyone who updates their record by April 20, 2018 will receive an entry in our sweepstakes. We will be giving away a fifty dollar Amazon gift card.
If you need a paper copy of our questionnaire, please call our provider line at 866.752.1614.
If you have any questions, please contact Marie Moyd at 443.873.5865 or

FloJean Speck
Director, LOCATE: Child Care
Maryland Family Network

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