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In February the Johns Hopkins Hospital sponsors a radio campaign for donations, and each year MSCCA coordinates a state-wide campaign within the preschool community to collect additional donations online. This is a great cause and part of our “Children Helping Children” campaign to set up specific opportunities for our students to learn empathy as their families contribute to children in need in our local community. All donations from our campaign will go directly to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital in Baltimore.

Some of you may know children who have been patients at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital over the years. Not only was my daughter a patient when she had emergency surgery 8 years ago after a serious injury, but one of our preschool students was a patient for an extended stay 3 years ago when her life was saved by a neurologist at Hopkins who removed a brain tumor in an emergency surgery when the little girl was four years old. I had the privilege at that time to make frequent visits to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital and I was able to witness first-hand the amazing care that this little girl received. I am dedicated to continuing to support the mission of this amazing medical facility and the work that they do to help children in our local community.

This year’s campaign is streamlined to one website where we will collect all donations. Your campaign can be as simple as sharing the link with your families or you can plan a fun activity or event to encourage parents to make contributions. At my school, we collect donations in conjunction with a Preschool Prom held on a Saturday at the school. This year our prom is a fairy tale theme and we have set up Rapunzel in the hallway as our tracking method for donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This helps our children get excited about helping other children.

If you would like to contribute to the MSCCA campaign, please click on the link and make your donation. Our fundraising campaign will be open until the end of March to allow programs to share this information with parents and plan events if you would like to. Click Here to Donate!

If you do plan an event to support the fundraising campaign, please consider sharing some pictures and information about your event so that we can share it on the MSCCA website. Thanks so much for supporting this worthy cause!

Lavonne Taylor
MSCCA Outreach Committee

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