Information from TJ Bennett, Legislative Liaison/Program Developer, MSDE/DECD/Office of Child Care on fingerprinting reimbursements:

As of February 1, we will no longer accept an incomplete invoice, or any invoice that does not contain all of the required information that is on the one I’ve attached. The time we are spending making manual corrections to incorrect invoices is not fair to the people who have submitted the correct information.

Please also point people to the website where it details what must be contained in a submission.

Receipts MUST show the amount people paid. If there is a $0 on it, we cannot accept it by itself. We need a document that shows how much was paid. If this means submitting multiple items, then that is what needs to happen.

The CJIS tracking number(s) MUST be in the submission.

The W-9 MUST be in the submission. Centers attach one W-9 in the name of the center (or the legal entity who holds the federal tax ID number). Family child care providers attach one W-9 in the name of the registered provider. We do NOT need a W-9 for each individual. I’ve been shredding them.

The invoice MUST be filled out completely. People are leaving too many required spaces blank. This also means it MUST be signed/dated. There are NO optional fields on the attached invoice.

There MUST be a staff roster, indicating the position people hold. For family child care providers, we want to know who we are paying for, and why we are paying for them. (i.e., adult over the age of 18, aide, substitute, etc.)

This goes into effect February 1, 2018. After that date, any submissions that are missing even one of these items are going to get returned for correction. People want, and deserve, a speedy reimbursement. However, the submissions we are getting are requiring a lot of work on our end to get them ready.

Also, please, please, please – do NOT send the results of the background check! Do NOT send the livescan form. We don’t need, or want, this information. I’ve been shredding it when it comes in. Again, this is time consuming and takes away from the time I have to process the packages.

Billing Statement for Fingerprinting Reimbursement
IRS Form W9

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