We need Child Care Providers and Programs to Advocate NOW!

PDF Template to be filled copied and pasted into your email. Provider Template Constituent Letter (revised 2)CP-fill

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life for an indefinite period of time. Families and child care programs across the country are struggling with how to adjust to this new reality and what it means for children, especially when this crisis ends.
A number of national organizations are forecasting that many providers will close because they cannot afford to remain open, leaving many parents without a child care center when they will need it most – at the other side of this COVID-19 crisis. This will cause a further disruption to our economy when everyone will need to get back to work and help our economy recover.

Maryland must act now to prevent this. We need you to help. Use the template provider letter below or create your own with similar message or your personal story. MOST importantly CONTACT your elected officials and tell them to support all child care providers in the state so they survive this crisis and can help support the economic recovery. MSCCA has provided a template and the link to easily find your Delegate, Senator and Governor email and contact info through the link embedded.
It is vital that the state come up with a plan to keep child care programs open so that parents will have a place to send their children when the go back to work. Other states are doing it. We must as well.

The Maryland State Child Care Association is advocating for you during this crisis. We are in regular contact with the Maryland State Department of Education, Governor Hogan’s office, and the Maryland General Assembly to let them know your perspective and your challenges. It is time for you to act and we are making advocating as easy as possible.
Together, standing with our more than 7,000 licensed/registered programs serving over 120,000 children, we are seeking more support from our state so parents will have their child care program of choice available when this crisis subsides and all Marylanders can return to work.
Leaders in our state must hear from YOU. You are the constituent, the voter. Your voice and issues matter and this is a critical time in the world and in our industry.
Please use the template letter below to help tell your story. Adapt it as you wish and send it as an email to the Governor and your state Senator and Delegates representatives. They need to hear from you soon.

You can also post your email on social media & tag your elected officials.
Go to MdElect.net to find contact info for your representatives

Tell them you are worried about the future of child care. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Send the email as soon as you are able. Today, tomorrow and beyond until there is more support for child care.

We can’t care for children if you the state does not care for us.

Please be sure to use the attached fillable PDF to copy the text and paste into your email (which is preferred) or fill out and attach. Be sure to enter in the bottom section with all of your information such as name, name of business, business address AND home address.

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