Bonuses are back providers!

What does this mean for you?

  • If you are published in Maryland EXCELS, here is motivation to publish a higher quality rating.
  • If you participate in Maryland EXCELS, but have not published a quality rating, here is incentive to publish a quality rating.
  • If you’re a Maryland licensed child care or early education program, but not participating in Maryland EXCELS, here is a reason to participate and publish a quality rating.

Why does your commitment to quality matter?

  • Children deserve quality care and education that promotes healthy development.
  • Families search for high-quality programs on the Maryland EXCELS website.
  • Quality programs provide better support to children, families, and staff.

Take advantage of this year-long opportunity to increase your quality and your earnings. If you need any assistance publishing, contact your Quality Assurance Specialist today.
Simply put: getting published pays!
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