From the Maryland State Department of Education Office of Child Care:

Child Care Providers and Grocery Stores

The Maryland State Department of Education has worked with several other agencies to connect with many of the large grocery stores and big box stores across Maryland to request assistance with child care providers having access to purchasing above the limits on certain items and to have access to stores during non-peak hours.  Some of the big box stores have also agreed to allow child care providers to use the store without a membership.  Most of the stores contacted are willing to work with child care providers, but in different ways.  Please use this letter to contact the manager of your local store to explain the letter and discuss the options they have for you to purchase needed food and supplies.  You must have your child care license or registration, in addition to the letter, when going to the store.

Jennifer A. Nizer, M.Ed.
Director, Office of Child Care
Division of Early Childhood
Maryland State Department of Education

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