Child Care/Early Childhood Education businesses are angry, disappointed, and frustrated, rightfully so – today is the last day of September and stabilization rescue grants that were expected in September have not arrived. Advocates have been working to help move the process forward as quickly as possible. See the letter from Comptroller Franchot, that his office asked MSCCA to share with our members and the child care/ECE community at large.  Also – shout out to Senator Nancy King, Delegate Jared Solomon, Delegate Sue Krebs, Senator Justin Reedy, Attorney General Brian Frosh and Marcy Frosh, Senator Rosapepe, Senator Chris Van Hollen all advocating for grants to be paid immediately, whatever it takes. They have listened to MSCCA and their members share concerns and have been instrumental in supporting all necessary to get the money out the door.   The news today – checks will be out in the next few days. Hang in there, you are essential, you are the backbone of the economy and we know you cannot budget, plan or survive during a pandemic without knowing when the investments the federal government provided to Maryland in April will get to you in order to serve, care for and educate children today and in the future, we need you!

Christina Peusch
MSCCA Executive Director

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