Opportunities Exchange has asked that we forward this survey to our providers. The survey is recommended for anyone using child care management software. Please see information regarding the survey along with the link to the survey below:

Opportunities Exchange is committed to enhancing knowledge about tools for effective Business and Pedagogical Leadership. To this end, we are conducting a survey about child care management software. We want to understand the various software solutions that are used, what tasks they are most useful for, and what their benefits and shortcomings are. We’ll use the survey results to inform our Shared Services projects, and will post relevant results to our entire Learning Community.

If you are a child care provider, or work for an organization that utilizes child care management software on behalf of child care providers, please go to this online survey. This is NOT a highly technical survey, so please DON’T pass this on to an I/T person. We want direct input from the directors, managers, and other child care personnel who are using the system themselves.

We know how valuable your time is, and we appreciate your consideration of this request.