Maryland’s child care provider organizations work to better the field of early care and education, including work to increase funding to make high quality programs available and affordable for all families. On behalf of MSDE Office of Child Care we are asking that you complete the Market Rate Survey (please see the link below). The information you provide is very important for determining the child care scholarship rates (formerly child care subsidy) for each region in the state. The great news is that with the increased income guidelines, more families than ever are eligible to receive scholarship money to help offset the cost of childcare. How does this affect you? By completing the Market Rate Survey you are helping to determine the true cost of child care across the state. Even if you do not accept child care scholarships your information matters for determining scholarship rates. This information will be used to make critical policy decisions by state legislators who determine the rates of reimbursement.

Please complete the survey below in paper form or online by March 29, 2019 by following the link below:

Your responses will be confidential and will only be used to determine an overall picture of what programs are charging for child care tuition.
Please note that
● The survey has been simplified. It should take no more than 2 minutes to complete.
● OCC will offer one (1) Professional Activity Unit (PAU) for those individuals completing the survey.

Once the surveys are completed, OCC will analyze the data to determine the true cost of quality care including the resources necessary to attract and retain the best possible teachers and staff for all child care programs.

Individuals completing the survey for their programs will receive 1 PAU toward the Maryland Child Care Credential.
Have Questions or Need Assistance?

Please reach out to any of the association leaders listed below.
Maryland State Child Care Association
Chris Peusch, Executive Director,

Maryland State Family Child Care Association
Jacqueline Grant, President,

Maryland Association for the Education of Young Children
Christina Lopez, Co- President,

Service Employees International Union Local 500
Crystal Barksdale, Family Child Care Representative,

Maryland Family Network/Maryland Child Care Resource Network
Steve Rohde/Lacey Tsonis

Thank you for taking the time to help providers, families and children!

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