Information from Maryland State Department of Education regarding new form:

CJIS is requiring that every person (family, large family home, center, LOC) who works in child care, or who is required to be fingerprinted, sign and return the attached form to their Office of Child Care (Office) Regional Office.

We would greatly appreciate if you could sign and return this document to your Regional Office as soon as possible. Individuals MUST sign documents themselves – meaning one person cannot sign, and make copies of, the form for each person employed, or living, in a child care setting.

This is a requirement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as part of the roll-out of the federal rap-back system in Maryland. As you may recall from earlier additions of the Partners Newsletter, the Office of Child Care is participating in the federal rap-back program to meet the requirements of the new Child Care Development Block Grant rule, which requires child care providers to be fingerprinted every five (5) years. The federal rap-back will meet this requirement since your fingerprints will remain on file at both the State and federal level and the Office will receive notification of any arrests, etc. By participating in the rap-back program, child care providers in Maryland will NOT need to be re-printed every five (5) years.

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