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The Maryland State Child Care Association (MSCCA) is the premiere professional association for licensed child care and early learning centers operating in Maryland and for associated businesses and individuals that support the mission of the Association.

Ahoy Child Care/ECE Professionals!

Registration is NOW OPEN for the MSCCA Hybrid Conference by the Sea 2023: All Aboard with MSCCA: Cruising Through Early Childhood!
Don't miss the Maryland State Child Care Association's Conference by the Sea with hybrid option setting sail May 4-7, 2023.
Join us at the wonderful oceanfront Ocean City Fountainebleau Resort and Conference Center in Ocean City Maryland on the beautiful Eastern Shore (formerly Clarion Resort under new ownership) or from your home or work to participate in this premiere, statewide training conference.
We have chosen the highest quality trainers and upgraded our virtual experience to ensure the best possible service to attendees.

Once you receive your approved training voucher, please sign and date in blue ink and email as soon as you receive from MSDE to: and the approved signed voucher must be submitted to MSCCA no later than April 7th.
The conference registration is open for all and will remain open until April 7th! Please register today and get all of your training needs accomplished in one weekend either in person or virtually! Bring your colleagues and staff and share a room!
Don't forget you can also use your training reimbursement voucher to be fully reimbursed after the conference, if you are credentialed at level 2 or higher and have funds in your training account!

CBTS 2023 Keynote Speakers

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We thrive from the support of business members through their membership, event sponsorship, donations, and industry support to our centers.


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Fax: 410-229-0145
Mail: Child Care Central, PO Box 598 Baltimore Maryland 21203

For questions pertaining to your credential, please contact Child Care Central: 877-355-1229

Maryland Child Care Mapping

MFN and Upfront, a software company that validates and provides access to childcare data, developed a real-time interactive mapping tool to make data about the availability of care more transparent. The map breaks down to hyper local information and type of program so government officials and policymakers will be able to better understand where childcare deserts are throughout the state or even by neighborhood. Historically, this type of data is only updated yearly and has never been built to this scale in a public-facing tool. By making this type of childcare data transparent, policymakers have valuable information to support initiatives for the regions that need it most.


News and Articles

Op-Ed from Peter Franchotti on Support for Child Care

Thanks again to Comptroller Peter Franchot for his support, understanding, and attention to the child care industry as highlighted in this Op-Ed. The money is there and MSCCA has asked the Governor's office for additional state funds in his budget for child care and...

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MSDE Child Care Scholarship Audits

MSDE has previously sent out two email blast reminders about the need for child care providers to maintain daily sign-in and sign-out sheets and the importance of responding timely to attendance audits. Providers selected for an attendance audit for the 9.13.2021 -...

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Child Care Center Budget Guide

We are sharing this resource and guidance document on the American Rescue Plan Act Stabilization Grants from our partners at First Children's Finance. Child care Center Budget Guide

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Stabilization Rescue Grants

Child Care/Early Childhood Education businesses are angry, disappointed, and frustrated, rightfully so - today is the last day of September and stabilization rescue grants that were expected in September have not arrived. Advocates have been working to help move the...

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Outreach – Be Prepared!

Outreach – Be Prepared!

BE PREPARED! 1.) Child Care Providers must maintain daily sign-in and sign-out sheets in order to receive payment from the Child Care Scholarship Program. Child Care Providers must develop processes that ensure parents sign their children in/out of your child care...

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