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The Maryland State Child Care Association (MSCCA) is the premiere professional association for licensed child care and early learning centers operating in Maryland and for associated businesses and individuals that support the mission of the Association.

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We thrive from the support of business members through their membership, event sponsorship, donations, and industry support to our centers.


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Email: [email protected]
Fax: 410-229-0145
Mail: Child Care Central, PO Box 598 Baltimore Maryland 21203

For questions pertaining to your credential, please contact Child Care Central: 877-355-1229

Maryland Child Care Mapping

MFN and Upfront, a software company that validates and provides access to childcare data, developed a real-time interactive mapping tool to make data about the availability of care more transparent. The map breaks down to hyper local information and type of program so government officials and policymakers will be able to better understand where childcare deserts are throughout the state or even by neighborhood. Historically, this type of data is only updated yearly and has never been built to this scale in a public-facing tool. By making this type of childcare data transparent, policymakers have valuable information to support initiatives for the regions that need it most.

Membership Directory

View our membership directory for centers, school age, and individuals.

Policy Changes and Improvements to the Child Care Scholarship (CCS) Program

The providers participating in this program are essential and their challenges are real. These challenges range from facing multiple attendance verification audits throughout the year to delayed payments. Further, slow processing of CCS program applications affects the Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE’s) ability to provide timely...


News and Articles

Maryland STEM Fest Upcoming Events

News from our partners at The Maryland STEM Fest: The Maryland STEM Festival runs virtually through November 1st. All events can be found on the website, Many events are geared for families with young children. Here are some of those...

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MSCCA Virtual Conference 2020: Vision for Diversity!

Don't miss the Maryland State Child Care Virtual Conference 2020 - Vision for Diversity! Registration is open for the safe digital/virtual delivery of Core of Knowledge approved, CEU approved, Continued Training approved sessions from September 24-27, 2020. MSCCA is...

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MSCCA Gets a Thank You from Dr Salmon

MSCCA has received a letter from Assistant Superintendent Steven Hicks on behalf of Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon thanking us for our advocacy efforts on behalf of early childhood education in Maryland through our campaign. An excerpt...

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Save Maryland Childcare: Site Launched

Licensed Child Care Providers Are The Backbone Of Our Economy Maryland May Lose Half of Child Care Supply From Crisis Please visit: We Need Child Care To Enable Our Economic Recovery, Now And In The Future Now that Governor Hogan has started...

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Free Training Provided by MSCCA

As a result of the current crisis and movement of our annual Conference by the Sea to the September time frame, MSCCA will be providing free training in April, May and June to MSCCA members. This training is approved and can be used for Credentialing/Continued...

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