What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is a proactive stance taken by individuals in response to particular issues that concern them. In early childhood education, the purpose of advocacy is to promote ideas and seek a resolution that will affect children and families in positive ways (Kieff 2009).

Why Legislative Updates?

We strive to keep you informed of the latest happenings in Annapolis impacting Early Childhood Education and work to meet with legislators to discuss pending legislation that affects MSCCA members.

Public Policy Meeting Schedule

MSCCA Legislative task force/public policy committee meetings September 2022 through June 2023.
See our schedule with our partners.
MSCCA also reviews public policy agenda at our monthly Board meetings.


We strive to keep you informed of the latest happenings in Annapolis impacting Early Childhood Education.

MSCCA Gets a Thank You from Dr Salmon

MSCCA has received a letter from Assistant Superintendent Steven Hicks on behalf of Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon thanking us for our advocacy efforts on behalf of early childhood education in Maryland through our www.SaveMarylandChildCare.org campaign. An excerpt...

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Save Maryland Childcare: Site Launched

Licensed Child Care Providers Are The Backbone Of Our Economy Maryland May Lose Half of Child Care Supply From Crisis Please visit: SaveMarylandChildCare.org We Need Child Care To Enable Our Economic Recovery, Now And In The Future Now that Governor Hogan has started...

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We need Child Care Providers and Programs to Advocate NOW! PDF Template to be filled copied and pasted into your email. Provider Template Constituent Letter (revised 2)CP-fill The coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life for an indefinite period of time....

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Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

Updates on COVID-19 legislation from our accountants Kullman, CPA Earlier today, the US House of Representatives passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The president is expected to sign the bill. The CARES Act is 854 pages long and...

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